We are ICNG, we stand for own hosting

Our task

We are committed to the success of the ICNG community, so we develop new ideas and strategies, we don't shy away from costs and effort for licenses and certificates!

Why we

Not only do we have the skills and knowledge to implement the requirements placed on us in the best possible way, we also manage it again and again, To contribute ideas and visions to projects that help our e-athletes and hobby gamers to stand out from their competitors.

Our Vision

We will be the community of the future that will provide orientation and meaning to every e-athlete and hobby gamer

Who are We

In the beginning we were called Stamania. In 2017 the founders decided to rename the community Interception Gaming. Since then the community is permanently in development and transformation to become what we want to become. A community in which players have set themselves more than just "gaming" as their goal. But also for people who are just looking for something in common, gambling.

You are a passionate gambler or your favorite pastime is gambling, then you are just right with us. With us a friendly company awaits you in all age groups and are just waiting to gamble with you. So if you are interested, just join us on TeamSpeak and we will help you immediately!


Here the current Community Team


Project leader
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WEB DEVELOPMENT Hey people! I am Lucas, co-founder of the ICNG community and responsible for websites and design work.


Project leader
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SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Meddl Loide! My name is Marvin and I am responsible for the server infrastructure and the development of our systems. In addition, I take over the project management and legal transactions.


Project leader
EVENT PLANNER Mahlzeit! I am Dennis, one of the founders of the ICNG community. Currently, I take care of event planning as well as the planning and execution of projects.


Support leader
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Coordinator Hi! My name is Keanu and I am responsible for the training and coordination of our supporters. The Swiss.


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Support Moin! I'm Christian, supporter here at the ICNG community. I am available for questions and suggestions here in the community.


Support Hey Hey! My name is Mike and I am responsible for your questions (problems).