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What makes us different

ICNG stands for own development, that's the most important thing for us.

Customized Teamspeak³ Server

Our self-developed Teamspeak³ Server is adapted to us to offer you cool functions.


Our servers run redundantly on several locations to counteract failures of entire data centers.

Level System

The Ranking System is a kind of activity pointer. It shows users an ICON that shows its rank level.


Customize your Teamspeak according to your own needs.


We offer a trained support team to answer all your questions with a fast response time.

Lockable Channel

For the maximum silence in the Teamspeak-Channel you can close it and manage it.

Partners & Sponsors

The Project Management

" Teamwork is a decisive success factor of our project„

We are all quite different with different characteristics and abilities, which we use to create a successful and attractive community.